What kind of games do you have?
We curate games specifically for the venue or function for which we're hired. That usually means games that are quick to learn, fun and engaging, and don't take up too much table space. Regardless, we have the perfect game for everyone.
Do you do private events?
Absolutely. Let's get in touch.
Do you charge to play games?
Our events are free and open to all. We charge the venue hosting us, and once we're hired, the games are free to play.
Will you have Terraforming Mars?
Probably not. Because we choose games that work best for smaller venues and more intimate events, we generally aim to offer experiences that are quick to teach and learn. That said, we still have a few surprises in store for heavier gamers. Feel free to visit the Collection page and request a game for a specific event.
Do you do kid's parties?
Yes, from ages 6 and up. Let's talk.
Will you have games I know, like Uno?
Of course. We have a number of "old favorites," though our goal is always to introduce you to similar experiences that will help you move forward on your gaming journey. And you can always visit the Collection page to request a specific game or games of your choice.
Can I recommend a game I think you should have?
Please do. We're always refining our collection