About us
“We don’t stop playing because we grow old: we grow old because we stop playing.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Our mission is to bring people, families, and friends together around a table to unplug, play, and discover a new are of amazing games.  

Who We Are

Please note that all business and events have been paused during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have always had a passion for board games and the power they have to bring friends and family together. Many of us are unaware of the number of fantastic new board games out there.  People, particularly from my generation, associate board games with Scrabble, Sorry, and Jenga, all of which are still very much alive, however, there are now many more engaging options available. After realizing there was an untapped market to bring games to people; to teach them something new and help them unwind while discovering new passions and re-discovering old ones, we started my business, The Starting Player Pop-Up, with the hopes of converting it into a non-profit.  

Our non-profit, The Starting Player Token, with the help of our generous
donors, will visit a variety of locations, such as hospitals, elderly care, community services, counseling services, after-school programs, and a variety of institutions that could benefit from people sitting together around a table and building intellectual and social skills. With a very wide variety from our collection of over 650 games, we would serve all ages and groups.


Kris is a current elementary art teacher with a passion for board gaming.  His passion  is to introduce this amazing renaissance of new games to new people and a new generation.  
As an elementary teacher, he has had a long experience teaching and playing games with both kids and adults, and is eager to see this pop-up as a resource to make Northern Virginia more playful.